“I had a great experience working with Pranam in integrating SmartBP into my research study. Data collection and participant recruitment via mobile technology is the wave of the future and I would highly recommend working with Evolve Medical Systems.”
Vanessa Oddo, PhD
Assistant Professor
Kinesiology and Nutrition
University of Illinois Chicago

SmartBP is used in Clinics and Research

We support research studies across various institutions, including University of Illinois Chicago and University of Washington.

SmartBP® is used in a number of clinics and hospital programs, including UPenn, University of Michigan, Texas Tech University and University of Utah.

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We are ORCHA Approved!

We're proud that SmartBP® has been approved by ORCHA. ORCHA is the global leader in assessing digital health technologies. Their clients include Public Health England, MHRA, NHS Digital, Mental Health Commission of Canada, the American Telemedicine Association, and the Nordic Interoperability Project.

The ORCHA review assesses against 350+ criteria points, covering:
🏥 Clinical/Professional Assurance
🔒 Data & Privacy
🌐 Usability & Accessibility

We share the highest score for a Hypertension app with the world leader in Blood Pressure Monitors!

Data Safety and Security

To ensure SmartBP stays in compliance with HIPAA and GDPR, we are actively monitored by Vanta. For hospitals or clinics, if you would like a copy of our trust report, please email us at support@evolvemedsys.com

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SmartBP is available both in Apple App Store and Google Play Store

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Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management

SmartBP® can help you remotely monitor your patients and offers multiple options to do so. We are flexible and can work around your constraints and meet your requirements. SmartBP is available both on Apple and Android mobile devices.

While there are a number of RPM solutions that can get BP data to your EHR, we differentiate ourselves as being one of the few that is focussed on the Patient Experience and motivating them to self monitor, analyze their progress and stay on top of their blood pressure.

By choosing SmartBP, We can give your patients 3 months of free premium subscription at no cost to you plus offer them a 20% discount on our new Smart Blood Pressure Monitor that seamlessly connects to SmartBP App via Bluetooth. With the 3 months free premium subscription unlocked, your patients can share PDF reports of their BP data remotely with you to provide your Clinic's RPM services. Unlike raw data sent to the EHR, Data in the SmartBP PDF report is well organized to help facilitate RPM services.

SmartBP App PDF Report example
Example 30 day summary PDF report that has 16 days of reported data and analysis that can be used for RPM clinical services.

Let us know if you are interested in getting your patients 3 months of SmartBP premium subscription for free.

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Options for Remote Patient Monitoring with SmartBP

Remote patient monitoring solution with SmartBP compatible Blood Pressure MonitorRemote patient monitoring solution with any Blood Pressure Monitor