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Smart Blood Pressure Monitors That Sync with Apple Health

High blood pressure, or hypertension, typically does not display any symptoms and can be comorbid with many other conditions. However, high blood pressure can lead to serious health issues, including heart attack, stroke and even death. Proper management of your blood pressure is essential to being proactive in your overall health journey. While you can go to the doctor to have your blood pressure measured, if you are experiencing high blood pressure then you will need to measure your blood pressure more regularly. This is what makes smart blood pressure monitors that you can use at home a great option!

How do I connect my blood pressure monitor to Apple Health?

You may power up your smart blood pressure monitor, use it, and wonder why that data is not being sent to your Apple Health app or other third-party apps. This is because your smart blood pressure monitor will not automatically connect to the app. You will have to set it up manually. You will need to do this through Apple’s HealthKit. Once the HealthKit is set up, which allows for third-party developers to sync into your Apple Health, you will be able to give the monitor permission to share that data.

Do I need to connect with Apple Health?

Apple Health is a powerful gateway of connecting a number of apps, including ones from your healthcare provider. Think of Apple Health as a standard hub that almost every healthcare app developer will connect. Typically, the monitor will come with an accompanying app that can sync with Apple Health. If you are looking for a blood pressure monitor that connects directly to SmartBP App, which also provides an option of connecting to Apple Health vs. having your measurements go from the BP monitor to the BP monitor's app to Apple Health to SmartBP or your desired app, then consider getting the SmartBP Connected Blood Pressure Monitor.

How can I find a smart blood pressure monitor that works for me?

If you are on the hunt for a smart blood pressure monitor, you likely already know that there are a wide range of different options. Many different BP monitors have different capabilities, viewing options, and accessories. Depending on what you are looking for individually, you will want to assess your options thoroughly before making a decision. Our ranked list may be an excellent place for you to start. However, when in doubt, you can always contact your healthcare team to find other options that may work for your unique lifestyle.

Top 3 Recommendations

This list was curated based on the following criteria:

● FDA Approval.

● Ability to Sync with Apple Health.

● Listed on The American Medical Association’s (AMA) US Blood Pressure Validated Device Listing (VDL). Blood pressure monitors that are part of this list are devices that have been validated for their clinical accuracy. This is done through an independent review process. The Independent Review Committee is not swayed by the AMA for these listings.

● Rating on the Apple App Store.

● Amazon Reviews.

A&D Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor UA-651BLE

The UA-651BLE wireless blood pressure monitor by A&D Medical epitomizes the perfect blend of professional dependability and consumer ease of use. This FDA-cleared device has been independently scrutinized and certified for clinical validity in accordance with the ISO 81060-2:2018 clinical test. More details on these validations and its placement on the American Medical Association's (AMA) Validated Device Listing (VDL) can be found here.

With over four decades of experience in the field, A&D Medical's UA-651BLE ensures a high standard of performance you can rely on. It provides uncomplicated, precise blood pressure measurements at the push of a button and flags irregular heartbeat patterns, a crucial characteristic for detecting potential health issues early on. The device's single-button operation is easy to use, yet it doesn't compromise on advanced functionality and reliability.

The UA-651BLE is designed with user comfort in mind, featuring an easily applicable wide-range cuff. It accommodates a broad spectrum of arm sizes (8.6-16.5” / 22-42 cm), catering to a variety of users. Moreover, the monitor comes with a convenient storage case, underlining its dedication to user-friendly design and the device's durability.

You can directly connect with A&D's BP monitor with SmartBP over Bluetooth and use SmartBP to sync with Apple Health. You can learn more about how to connect SmartBP App with A&D's UA-651BLE in this article

Amazon Reviews

The A&D UA-651BLE holds a high rating of 4.4 on Amazon and  bears the "Amazon's Choice" label.

“I took my blood pressure cuff to my cardiologist to reconfirm its accuracy. I got a very favorable response with very little difference between the one I purchased on Amazon and the one that the medical staff used at the office.”

“I've tried several BP monitors and finally gave this one a go because I couldn't find one that was accurate. This one is by far the most accurate and easy to use. The cuff is the best fitting I used.”


● Comfortable cuff.  

● Seamless bluetooth connection.

● Trusted accuracy.


● Limited memory

● Multiple profiles

● Limited functionality of the company's app

The above cons can be overcome by using the SmartBP App. Learn how here.

OMRON Series 10 BP7450

This smart blood pressure monitor is well-known for the easy-to-read dual LCD display. This allows you to not only store up to 200 readings on the device, but also allows you to keep track of two different users at the same time. The OMRON Advanced Accuracy technology is the driving force behind this blood pressure monitor, helping to minimize the impact that your movements will have on your results. This includes if you happen to move your arm slightly, as well as your breathing movements. This means your results are designed to be precise and accurate.

The OMRON Series 10 connects to the OMRON Connect App via Bluetooth. From there, the data can sync over to Apple Health. While the App is free to sync, the premium subscriptions can rack up a bill at $139.99 per year. However, SmartBP can also sync with the data from Omron through Apple Health for easy and cost-effective tracking.

Apple Reviews

OMRON Connect app has a 4.6 rating on the Apple App Store.

“The device seems to consistently read blood pressure accurately (I compare it to my Doctor office visits monthly). This Bluetooth pairing has not been seamless over the life of my OMRON BP monitor, but I have been able to re-pair when syncing stops working. The updated app feels a bit bloated and written to track other metrics other than blood pressure.”

“In general, I find the new update to be OK. It is different and that can cause some initial confusion, but I got past most of that in a day or two.”

Amazon Reviews

OMRON Series 10 has a 4.5 rating on Amazon.

“I’ve been using this for over a year now. My readings are always higher at the doctor’s office, so I wondered about the accuracy of this machine. I can only report on my own experience and this model seems very accurate. The nurse was quite impressed with it and made a note of which model I have.”

“I’ve used blood pressure monitors in the past and the Series 10 is a sum of all the good developments OMRON has had.”


● Comfortable cuff fitting.  

● Easy to use with a double LCD display.

● Technology specific to the OMRON brand allows for precise readings.


● Complaints about the company’s connectability software.

● The OMRON Connect app displays metrics other than just blood pressure.

● The OMRON Connect app may need to be re-synced regularly.

While the OMRON Series 10 is a great smart blood pressure monitor for functionality and usability, the connectivity of the app to sync with Apple Health does have notable spotty issues for users. While the app has undergone a major overhaul, some users have mentioned that bugs have not been fixed and the app is bogged down by other metrics that they don’t have equipment for. Users complain that the software still feels outdated and that properly viewing measurements is sometimes a hassle or even impossible. However, the blood pressure monitor itself is consistent and accurate.

Withings BPM Connect WPM05

Withings BPM Connect is known as being one of the best smart blood pressure monitors on the market today. Developed by experts in the field of cardiology, the Withings BPM Connect features a very simple and color-coded display screen for users to easily understand their measurements. This is a very different type of display than what is commonly found on blood pressure monitors. It’s compact, comfortable, and is only one piece altogether.

The Withings BPM Connect syncs via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to the Withings Health Mate App. Apple Health can then be synced to this app. However, data measuring reports through the Health Mate app are limited to three months. SmartBP also has the capability to sync through Apple Health and there are no limits on the date rate for generated reports, trends, and charts.

Apple Reviews

The Withings Health Mate app has a 4.6 rating on the Apple App Store.

“This was a good app and blood pressure monitor when it was originally released. I’ve lost over a year of health data because of the “updates”. The most recent update resulted in the app no longer recognizing the device I’ve been using for over a year.”

“It’s an average app for what it is meant to do. Data collection and presentation are at the core of the product. Unfortunately, the app tries too hard to make the data relevant and becomes inconsistent. It’s the inconsistency that is holding this app back.”

Amazon Reviews

The Withings BPM Connect has a 4.3 rating on Amazon.

“I followed the instructions and discovered that the location on my arm for the BPM Connect is critical in the accuracy of the device. When I made these adjustments, it would provide readings much closer to the doctor’s medical device.”

“I am a nurse and I used it on my son and husband and then took their blood pressures manually. It was very close in the readings. I was easy to set up and super lightweight.”


● Lightweight and comfortable.

● Easy to read and understand the display.

● Compact for travel.


● The Health Mate app faces limitations, especially with charting.

● Has more detailed placement procedures that must be followed for accuracy.  

● Customer service for the Health Mate app is lacking.

The Withings BPM Connect has raving reviews for not only its display, but also how easy it is to set up. The color-coded display is helpful for those that may be vision-impaired or those that want a quick way to see their results. However, the Health Mate app has limitations when it comes to showing data and trends, as well as has users complaining about syncing issues. Users have also noted that syncing is sometimes spotty when the software within the app is updated or the app will sometimes not work altogether. While the Withings BPM is known for being comfortable and easy to put on, users must follow the instructions very carefully or risk an inaccurate reading.

Switch between profiles on the SmartBP App and record through a single BP Monitor.

Honorable Mentions

Microlife BP B6 Connect

The Microlife B6 was designed not only to accurately measure blood pressure, but to also detect atrial fibrillation. The device features wireless connectivity and the ability to track measurements for two different users. The data is easy to read and the Microlife provides several different metrics viewable on the screen. Microlife Connected Health is the associated app that is utilized by Microlife blood pressure monitors. However, according to reviewers and the low ratings it has received, the app has been deemed almost unusable. Those that have gotten the app to work, have stated that it took them quite a bit of time and effort. It appears that mainly complaints circle back to the app's UI.


QardioArm is an upper arm blood pressure cuff that is not only sleek and stylish, it is also compact and comfortable. It's wireless and users are able to view their blood pressure and data right from their mobile device. Qardio Heart Health is the associated app and has great reviews from users, ranking in at a 4.7 on the App Store. Users love how quickly the app is updated with their data, as well as how their information is visually represented. However, QardioArm is not included in the AMA's VDL. The AMA had created these requirements in order to determine which blood pressure monitors are clinically accurate. The AMA created this list of criteria with the help of the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago to determine the requisites. Since QardioArm is not included on the VDL, we have chosen to exclude it from our main list.  

SmartBP: A Blood Pressure Monitoring App That Gives You The Whole Package

SmartBP is an innovative blood pressure measurement tracker containing advanced technology that is compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health, allowing users to access a reliable means of recording and monitoring their blood pressure measurements. Users are able to record, track, and analyze metrics relating to their blood pressure conveniently from their smartphone or mobile device. Results of these measurements are clearly displayed for you through easy-to-understand graphs. Gone are the days of worrying about whether your blood pressure app is not only compatible with Apple Health, but also will provide you with an effective way to track your measurements and spot trends in your data without date limitations. SmartBP gives you a tool that will ensure you have everything you need to properly manage your blood pressure alongside your smart blood pressure monitor.

About the Author

Pranam Shetty
I am the founder and CEO of Evolve Medical Systems. We are a Digital Health Company that specializes in mobile health apps. Some of our apps include SmartBP - a mobile based blood pressure management tool and Glucobyte a diabetes management app. I am an engineer by trade and love to build stuff. I have built various medical devices over 20 years. I live in Minneapolis - The coldest city with the warmest people!
I am the founder and CEO of Evolve Medical Systems. We are a Digital Health Company that specializes in mobile health apps. Some of our apps include SmartBP - a mobile based blood pressure management tool and Glucobyte a diabetes management app. I am an engineer by trade and love to build stuff. I have built various medical devices over 20 years. I live in Minneapolis - The coldest city with the warmest people!

Important: The information provided is NOT a substitute for a doctor or professional healthcare or advice. Any health related information provided in SmartBP® app and this website is for informational purposes only and should not be used to replace the advice of healthcare professionals.

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I’ve been having high BP readings at the clinic the last few months. Doctor is ready to put me on meds. I asked for a few weeks to check readings and improve lifestyle. This app is showing me so many things! Like what the average reading is and what percentage it’s on each category. Turns okay systolic the majority’s of the time but it looks like I have diastolic hypertension which is supposed to be rare. I wouldn’t have known this without the insights and stats screens.

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Best blood pressure tracking app that I have found. Very versatile. Developer responsive and continually looking to polish the app. No regrets upgrading to paid version. Extremely happy.

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I had to monitor by BP for the Dr. while checking responses to medication. This was an efficient way to keep record for myself and show the Dr. my progress

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I just got diagnosed with hypertension. This app has helped me and doctors find the best meds to use

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Unfortunately I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and need to monitor twice daily at least and review with my doctor every three months. She and I both love the app because you can track a lot more than just BP and you can share your findings. I love that I can SEE it clearly too as some other apps I tried were very small and very light text. Even though I could track in Apple health kit I prefer this for many reasons and you can pull the data from here to there anyway AND then other apps if you do desire like LoseIt!

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This is a very good app to track and analyze your blood pressure. It has been a tremendous help to me monitoring and charting my progress. I tried several apps before deciding that SmartBP was the clear winner.

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A great way to keep track of your blood pressure daily so you can keep up with your numbers.

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I’ve been using the app for a long time. Version 6.6 had a bug that wouldn’t open the app on my iPhone. Problem was fixed within 24 hours. Outstanding response.

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SmartBP is being a great help to me tracking my blood pressure while I’m battling high pressure. Having the graphs and stats is encouraging when I see the downward trend. Being able to send a report to the doctor instantly is great for getting feedback from the doctor easily. I like that the limits can be modified and have changed mine (with help of my doctor) to reflect the parameters that apply for me. Great response from the developer to my questions and suggestions. You know you have a good app when the developer is working to make it better and responsive to input. I see from other posts that this developer is engaged with users and working on making the app even better!

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This is an outstanding blood pressure app. I’m glad it’s very easy to use because I input my blood pressure several times a day. I like how it gives me an average of my blood pressure and that it gives me statistics and a graph of all my entries. Great app!

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